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Word To The Motherland

im back in VA...where it all started. My good friend Tony and I started out on the boombox recording over SuperThug. Keeping it straight VA over a Neptunes Loop and didnt really know it at the time LOL

the vibe is real chill right now. Currently I am unemployed, and I hope this won't last long even though the employment rate is at 5.7%...not really stressing out about it though because they say positive thoughts bring positive lets get it.

PLUS, i have been able to  listen to A LOT of records and play Streets of Rage 2....

so you know there is more music on the way, nobody out here clubbin/partying ...straight dedication (pz to Rashid Hadee yall need to check out his latest album its AMAZING)...trying to take it another level for the listener. the buzz and feedback for Peoples Logic is crazy also. Thanks to everybody that has downloaded and listened to the album, we really appreciate that! keep rockin!

got some pics and some video also.

more to come...

Peoples Logic Presents...Skull Session

Long time is the album.

Everybody did a hell of a job during the creation of this project. i am glad i the chance to work with Peoples...they are on the same wavelength with me and it all came together. if you want a hard copy of the album for $5.00 USD (shipping included in price), just hit me on myspace or email me @

its a new era
its a new era


1. War (produced by LX) 2. Angels (produced by LX) 3. They Stopped! (produced by LX) 4. Entergalactik (produced by Logic Marsalis) 5. Hundreds On The Table (feat. Benny Hoffman) (produced by Logic Marsalis) 6. They Don't Know (produced by Logic Marsalis) 7. Viva La Hip Hop (produced by Logic Marsalis) 8. Salaam (feat. Stephen Hicks) (produced by LX) 9. Black Codes (King James Version) (feat. NOVA) (produced by Logic Marsalis) 10. Searchin' 4 Truth (produced by LX) 11. A Moment In Black History (produced by LX) 12. Entergalactik II (produced by LX) 13. B.V.H.T. (feat. BC) (produced by LX) 14. Time Is Now (produced by LX) 15. On My Hustle (produced by Logic Marsalis) 16. Revelationz (produced by Logic Marsalis)

Recorded and Mixed at Camp Crystal by Logic Marsalis Arranged and Sequenced by King James and Logic Marsalis Produced entirely by LX Luthor and Logic Marsalis


------->Click Here To Download Skull Session <-----

its alive !!!

man its late...for the 6th night in a row ive been up at 6am trying to get this record together. i hope this thing takes off because a lot of heart and hard work has been put into this album. From the production to the rhymes, the mixing all the way to down the artwork. niggaz have been working hard behind the scenes. The album will be available for purchase in hardcopy form for my ppl that wanna rock in the whip. Also of  course, you will be able  to download it to your MP3 Players, Pocket PCs, iPhones, iPods etc..

If you wanna preview the album you can just go to

There you can hear about 12 streaming tracks from the album.

If you're not convinced by then I don't know what to say about your taste in music...

...really, this is a work of art.

hard @ work

king james at work

we are at work right now. king james just wrote a new verse for a track... so this isnt a fake delay for those who are waiting on Peoples Logic. i know i shouldnt even be suppose to be trackin....but a nigga multi-taskin like shit.

im on my on my hustle...king james go head and tell em bout the struggle.....

it was all good just a week ago...

i haven't blogged in a minute due to the fact i simply haven't been inspired to blog...
im back at it now.
 last week around this time i got in a lil car accident so now i'm pushing nikes. 
i can't fade gettin the ice creams dirty...i had to box them up for a lil minute.
 im glad im still alive and breathing to be able to politik with my niggaz about what we have in store for the world....
Peoples Logic presents Skull Session.
 its lookin real fresh ... its in the mix down stage and slated to be released in April.
 right now we have about 12 tracks slated to be on the joint 
but you never know what can go down in the 9th inning. 
when its crunch time...thats when a lot of inspiration comes 
(atleast thats what i think) running out of words....ill be back later.

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