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Magic Bus

today was pretty good.
one of the first time ive been out the lab to do certain things.
i mean i've been to work and get a haircut but thats about it.
I roamed around a little bit to see what was going on.
got screamed at for going to fast in my car but i was going 25mph...go figure.
im guessin she just said that because im a young black male. she didnt say anything until i looked at her and waved.
we gotta get past the race issue in America. its 2008...i mean come on.
im not gonna touch to much on that subject because thats a whole nother post.
i watched be kind rewind earlier today.
i remember when it first arrived into theaters.
 the critics were bashing it saying it was one of Michel Gondry's worst films.
personally, i think its pretty good with great roles from Danny Glover, Mos Def, and Jack Black.
 i enjoyed that movie, might even buy it one day.
the world is not living in the present right now i feel because ive discovered a lot of shit here recently thats been pretty good.
music, film, name it.
so as of today, im not listening to society anymore...i am definitely open to opinions but making my own judgment.
i admit i should have been doing it before but i wasn't as strict with it...*stuck on words*
until the entry...

Dollar Day 2008

its funny how the government is all over the Gustav situation goin on now in New Orleans.

when Katrina came through the government was no where to be found...crazy.

now Bush has a State of Emergency days before the storm hit...where was he the first time?

and now i hear people talk about how people need to get out New Orleans and not move back. what for??? You wouldn't move out your town if you lived there for years and have roots and memories there. especially the elderly who been living there for 50+ years .. why should they have to leave? i mean its crazy...

anyway this goes out to the people in New Orleans.



jay electronica @ nokia theatre

they say jay bombed it but I don't think they really understand what dude is all about. i'm not even tryin to defend dude because I used to be like "who is this cat with a generic name?" ha....after listening to "A Prayer for Michael Vick and T.I." i was HOOKED.

he speaks the truth and spits better than most so-called emcees in the game right now.

my advice from a good source on okayplayer: READ A BOOK!

 I wish i would have made it to this show...damn.


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