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"Cops try to box me in...but somehow I beat them charges like Rocky" yesterday morning was CRAZY ... i mean it was ridiculous.
i take my dude Chris to court  for a citation he was given in downtown Greensboro while he was visiting.
The citation said "placing advertisements on motor vehicles parked in the public parking spaces along S. Elm St".
i mean, personally i never heard of it.

i had to see it to believe it:

you dont wanna know how i feel about this

that's not the greatest shot, but its clear evidence of what happens down here in the South.
Now if you've ever got a citation (traffic violations, etc.)
 you know it says somewhere on the paper what date and time you have to appear in court.
This one reads....
Defendant Is To Appear In District Court: Greensboro
Wednesday 06-25-2008 at 8:30am
so we get there ON TIME...


then it gets worse...



After 5 hours of waiting in line just to get inside the courtroom which was the size of fast food restaurant.
chris gets up in front of the judge ... she reviews his citation and asks the DA "What Is This???"
the DA didn't even know what it was...CASE DISMISSED.
So we were up in the courthouse for 5 hours for not even a 5 minute decision for something so petty.

The System Isn't Designed for Us.

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