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logic marselis on TrueOGSeries Podcast

This past week Logic Marselis was on TrueOGSeries Podcast. On this episode, Logic speaks on his new project, "Super Audio WORLD", his journey becoming a Hip Hop producer,  and the historical impact of the Mos Def & Talib Kweli classic album "Black Star" plus much more. 

i was asked by Planned Parenthood to put together a mix for one of their new campaigns called "Healthier Generations", so here it is. I put it together this weekend when I was reminded that it was Maya Angelou's birthday. I wanted to do a tribute to her without blowing up the spot, so I followed the example by Smif N Wessun (Cooca Brovaz) and used their spelling (Bear in mind, this was released shortly after Outkast's kerfuffle with Rosa Parks).




SHHO I Stephen Hicks I DJ Shermski - B(IG)-Sides by SHHO


Stephen HicksI remember March 10, 1997 better than I do the prior day’s events. It was a Sunday and I was just leaving church. As we drove the backroads of Brunswick County heading toward my grandmother’s house, I heard the news on the radio: Rapper Notorious B.I.G. was killed last night. I heard the news but I was not flustered. It was as if I expected it somehow. The magnitude of it all didn’t hit until a few hours later while sitting in my grandmother’s den. Damn, Biggie died! Just two days before, I was in the car with my mom when WPGC 95.5 FM premiered ”Hypnotize.” And too be honest… I was not feeling the song but I was delighted with his re-emergence. I always enjoyed Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s stuff but Big was always the central component of that too.

Big made me feel comfortable. Unbeknownst to many, I was the chubby kid in elementary and middle school. I looked up to Big because, from my perspective, he made it cool to carry extra pounds. Each Christmas, I requested a Coogi sweater and a Kangol hat from Cavalier’s with no avail. I was sure the clothes would convince others. Yet, even in my Bugle Boy attire, I was Big. And if you were a fly on my family room’s wall, you would have seen how distraught I was when Spike Jonze didn’t cast me to play Big in the “Sky Is Limit” video. Tears, tears, and mo’ tears.

A particular memory that stays with me involves my main man from back in the day, Corey. He was my next neighbor in Chesterfield during my middle school years. He borrowed a Funkmaster Flex mixtape from his older brother (Funk Flex used to put out frequent tapes). We were playing basketball and blasting the tape for all of Scottingham Drive to hear. Suddenly, immersed in the boom bap vibrations, I heard Big’s voice. He says, “If Peter Piper picked em…” Then he ends with, “I’m rich. I’m going to stay that bitch.” There, confusion rushed me. I stopped dribbling or playing defensive or whatever. Why was Big calling himself a bitch? Corey didn’t know why either. We paused our play and pondered Big’s words. Soon, darkness fell and our moms were signaling our return. Close to three months later, Lil Kim’s debut ”Hardcore” drops. And guess what I hear? Kim spitting those same lines. It was not until I had a little peach fuzz on my chin that I put the pieces together. Still, I have only heard the Biggie version twice since that fateful day with Corey.

This is my story. Every Notorious B.I.G fan has their story too.





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