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this kind of reminds me of LeBron James' "decision" when he staved our anticipation and let us hang in anticipation until he informed us that he was taking his talents down to south beach. this is slightly different though. this botched announcement was disguised as true, colorblind American Justice. a 18-year-old black male is shot to death by a white police officer. the officer is not arrested. the officer is not apprehended. the officer, instead, is held hostage on paid leave as 100-plus days pass. a grand jury is assembled and five possible charges are waged. after months of protests, no arrest warrant for that police officer is issued and a steady stream of footage of Ferguson protests is televised. now, an announcement is made.

taking from the Book of James, these professionals held us in anticipation and completely failed at delivering. however, this is not about sheer athleticism and NBA championships. this is about delaying the inevitable: the announcement to the world that a black life warrants very little empathy, sympathy, or due diligence. great job, professionals.
this shouldn't surprise me. the courts are keeping it real. the police are maintaining order and the president, the governor, and the mayor are all more concerned about property damage than justice for a young man's life. but stop and think of the time-honored tradition of black parents raising their children to love and respect themselves and mind their P's and Q's but too scared to tell their offspring that their lives are not yet worth the value of their non-black peers.
What about the other time-honored tradition of black mothers going through 9 months of pregnancy and 16 to about 21 years of raising and nurturing, just to see that life snuffed out? who's there for those mothers and their mothers? who's there for the siblings who are now without big bro and little bro? hey cuz, who is there for us? Barack, ever since Skip Gates, has been looking shaky and everyone else sold us out back in the '90s. Rappers are stuck in the club and we can't get an answer from anyone.
these names add up and infuriate me as i listen to the watts prophets. i throw another log on the fire. this summer, eric garner. i throw a log on the fire. john crawford too. i throw a log on the fire. months before, it was jordan davis and renisha mcbride. more logs on the fire. and we recall the names of previous victims. and because language is important, these were the victims and their families were the survivors. way too many victims and way too many survivors.
tonight, we are no closer to changing this situation. i feel armed with a hashtag but with no army. i feel impotent. i feel powerless. i feel alienated as i scroll my newsfeed and see some friends update their statuses about puppies while my other friends repeat these slogans over and over. let the chorus sing, "black lives matter."

magic box #6 (Election Day Special)

Right now the time is approx 530am and I'm standing in line gettin ready to enter the polls. I'm prolly around 15th in line due and now my feet are givin out on me.

A nigga hasn't slept "fully" since around noon Sunday.

Its Tuesday.

Yeahhh man no bullshit. Its that serious.

Sunday I had to pull a 12hr shift at my job then soon as I get comfortable at the crib at 8am

Who calls? Stephen goes something like...

*phone rings*

Me: yoooo


Me: yoooo

S: ARE YOU READY TO BE A P.A.!!!!!! ???

*brief convo about morning joe and crazy ish*

S: but yo I'm bout to head to the Obama office so ill be through there in a min

*hangs up*

Right then I could feel history in the making.

We head over (pause) to the Obama Office to do canvasing and other micellaneous work until midnight

Then I go home and if ur a true producer/beatmaker the best time to make music is in the wee hours of the morning. So I work on ish til about 3 something and then the Berry goes crazy.

400am - time to go the polls.

So now I'm out here and its not even 600am and the line is already wrapped around the building.

So if u reading this and haven't voted yet. Stop bullshittin, get out there, grab a chair cause its serious.

Voting is a right that should be exercised as often as the polls are open. Don't limit it to just the national ur mayor, judges, sheriffs - yess sherriffs even though I hate the police

Especially last night man as stephen and I were leaving the Obama office. This bama ass cop shines the light on us as we leave the parking lot bc we jogged across the street. Said he thought we were being chased and "what house were we coming from?"

Muthafucka there's nothing but a office with a big ass OBAMA 08 sign on it across the street!

I'm out on that note. Doors just opened.

Let's make history!

magic bus #5 (Outside Looking In)

I haven't blogged in a while. Life is gettin hectic (sort of). Been workin, volunteering, and studying...pretty much.

I know some who follow this blog are wondering when the music is coming. Its coming. Timing is everything, and they say life is like a game of chess.

There's a lot of things to talk about as far as the Election and Wall Street but I don't want to elaborate on that too much right now.

I will just say as far as Wall Street goes...if you are smart, you are enjoying all the headlines across America.

Oh!...Kanye...Madlib...the only two notable artist worth talkin about right now in my opinion. The game has been BORING for months. There's been some singles here and there but nothing groundbreaking.

I admit I was skeptical about Kanye using the auto-tune throughout this next album but after hearing his latest singles, especially "Heartless". I've become a believer.

This album has the potential to spark something in me creatively because to be honest I've been BORED. I haven't been this bored since 06.

Madlib's new material??? CRAZY. STOOPID. INSANE. Those new Beat Konductas are incredible. (Peace to Dill Withers)

Definitely has me hearing music in a whole different way once again.

Uhhhh (c) Obama

I'm running out of words to type.

Holla at u after the jump...peace

P.s. I'm mobile so its hard to edit and I don't feel like it cause I'm hungry lol

magic bus #4

Back again. Sittin at Choir practice (yeah I go to church when I can) I was suppose to play tonite but the original drummer is here. He's young and still learning so I'm lettin him get it in.

Anyway...Let me see..since I have some free time finally ima scrimmage with yall.

Just got out the studio from makin another heater. I know a lot ppl aren't paying attention right now but we got a lot to offer out here in the V.

Va Beach/Norfolk been gettin it in ever since Pharrell and Timbaland hit the scene but we got stuff brewin out here in the Fredericksburg/Richmond area.

Not gonna speak on it too much because its way too early but I just wanna let u know that u should pay attention.

We hustlers and very smart dudes out here. You heard Skillz new joint? that's just the beginning its A LOT more heat out here.

Stay tuned to this blog and ima bring it to you as I get it and create it.


magic bus #3

What up world? Or should I say what's not going on?

This past week has been very tense for America. The economy is lookin terrible. You see the headlines that Wall Street rallied Friday morning but that was with a government bail out of possibly 700 billon. The national debt is estimated at around 9 trillion which is crazy.

We can blame Bush for having us in debt for being involved in a war we shouldn't be in but we also gotta blame the banks and ourselves a little.

The banks are giving out loans like it aint shit to ppl with credit that will barely make payments a month which in turn causes homes to foreclose leaving the bank with debt.

We as people lookin for homes and loans know we can't pay the high ass payment so we gotta be a lot more wiser in our decision making so we don't have to end up paying insane taxes to fix this national debt.

I'm not an economist but all that seems like common sense to me. Its nothing to fear but if u think about if shit don't get straight its gonna look like 1930.

Let's just all get money, be wise, elect the right president, and watch America flourish.

magic bus #2

Right now I am sittin at work bloggin for the first time from my blackberry. I should have been doing this but I've never taken the time to go through the motions. (You'll be hearing a lot more from me.)

I wish blackberry will come out with a wordpress app so that u don't have to use the web browser which drains your battery.

I dunno know what do right now. I work this boring job but it pays well and I just read 5 straight chapters of Race Matters. I may get some Popeyes soon...yeah...2 piece meal spicy sounds good.

Popeyes is arguably the best fast food chicken restaraunt in the world. Bojangles is up there but the don't even have spicy chicken besides on a sandwich and KFC fell off back in the 99.

I'm outta here I need a biscuit! Lol

oh yeah shout out to Paul Mooney on Dr. Phil yesterday afternoon.

*leaves post playing Fried Chicken by Nas*

Magic Bus

today was pretty good.
one of the first time ive been out the lab to do certain things.
i mean i've been to work and get a haircut but thats about it.
I roamed around a little bit to see what was going on.
got screamed at for going to fast in my car but i was going 25mph...go figure.
im guessin she just said that because im a young black male. she didnt say anything until i looked at her and waved.
we gotta get past the race issue in America. its 2008...i mean come on.
im not gonna touch to much on that subject because thats a whole nother post.
i watched be kind rewind earlier today.
i remember when it first arrived into theaters.
 the critics were bashing it saying it was one of Michel Gondry's worst films.
personally, i think its pretty good with great roles from Danny Glover, Mos Def, and Jack Black.
 i enjoyed that movie, might even buy it one day.
the world is not living in the present right now i feel because ive discovered a lot of shit here recently thats been pretty good.
music, film, name it.
so as of today, im not listening to society anymore...i am definitely open to opinions but making my own judgment.
i admit i should have been doing it before but i wasn't as strict with it...*stuck on words*
until the entry...

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