damn you, BET

I used to watch Black Entertainment Television. It used to be good. No more. And that no more has been like that for close to six years -- even that is a generous estimate. Yes, they ended "Video Soul." Cool, as long as they had "Rap City," then they replaced hosts and kept Big Tigga in the basement. Don't even mention "Teen Summit." But in retrospect, BET started its trek down Garbage Avenue when they got rid of shows like "Our Voices," an equivalent to NBC's "Meet the Press" where some of the most prominent folks came to debate and discuss pressing issues facing some African-Americans. Ed Gordon's show as also needed. But here is a clip of "Our Voices" featuring the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, Ben Chavis, and Cornel West months prior to the 1995 Million Man March with show host Bev Smith.



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