I watch a lot of films. But what do the following film series have in common: Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Lord of the Rings? Well, I haven't watched them shits. However, I do enjoy a good 1970s blaxploitation flick. Blame that on my aunts, uncles, Wu-Tang skits, and Camp Lo. A big shout to my man Tony for having the sweet basement stacked with posters and DVDs when we were in high school. During the '70s, Hollywood was not turning out many box office hits other than The Godfather. Melvin Van Peebles, Gordon Parks (Jr. and Sr.) and a host of black filmmakers steered a new course with their lenses. Unfortunately, the movies made during that time are looked upon now as coonary and buffonary as if Tyler Perry is making Scoressesque material. Nah son. The dudes were bad. The ladies were hot. And the soundtracks were smoking.

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