my fellow countrymen

Patriotism is a great quality found in many citizens, American or not. However, jingoism is destructive. Jingoism is defined as the belligerent support of one's country, which would lead multitudes of folks to blindly support the policies of their nation-states. I do not dwell long on titles such "liberal" or "conservative." It means very little. It's cool to agree with your country's elected leaders but it is equally cool to disagree and be critical of your country's elected leaders in their particular decision-making. I am not from the school of thought that proclaims a critical soul as "un-American" or "anti-American." Frankly, such rhetoric stands on shaky foundation. Who has the authority or the patriotic clout to declare another citizen "un-American?" Lou Dobbs? Nah, son. That's my central gripe with the Sean Hannity's, Glenn Beck's, and Rush Limbaugh's of this country. They hold no monopoly on American values, patriotism, or the like. Most often, I feel this aforementioned Holy Shit Trinity loves America so much that they hate Americans. They appear to operate under the premise that this country does no wrong. I disagree and somehow I shall be pegged "un-American" for my views. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, I feel, is patriotic but he had his views and was quickly tagged as a treasonous demagogue. Personally, I encourage my fellow citizens to be informed and should encourage accountability. Challenge authority. Ask questions. Seek multiple sources. Work for a better tomorrow.

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