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© da bush babees Gay marriage, also known as same-sex marriage, seems to be radical and controversial issue to many in the United States. For me, it's not too difficult to grasp. If two consenting adults want to commit themselves to each other, why obviate them at every possible turn?

The marriage ban is another form of discrimination, and it seems as if America is not ready for change, or even the moment to contemplate change.

Marriage, when supported by the state, provides persons with certain rights and privileges ranging from: hospital visitation to adoption rights. Civil unions come from the deceiving dungeon titled “Separate but Equal.” Couples in Washington, Maine, Hawaii, and D.C. have “spouse-like benefits.” New York, Rhode Island, and Maryland acknowledge gay marriages but do not perform marriages.


I am baffled, though. How will prohibiting two adults from committing themselves to each other in a legal manner going to destroy the institution of marriage? Will your spouse pack his or her Tupperware as the ink marinates onto the marriage license of Daniel and Jamal or Christina and Alicia?

I understand marriage – in the heterosexual context – is a tradition. But so is white supremacy, misogyny, disenfranchisement, and homophobia. Brave souls choose to transcend outdated traditions.

I understand marriage – in the heterosexual context – is an institution. But so was “The Peculiar Institution” known as chattel slavery before the 13th Amendment.

This hysteria assumes our society will crumble if gays have equal rights. My home state, the Commonwealth of Virginia, passed an amendment in 2006 in order to maintain marriage between one woman and one man.

In 2006, Virginians voted "Yes" to a proposed marriage amendment. Many of these same Virginians voted with homophobic intentions instead of intellectual reasoning.

Voters could have done way better. Granted, the language was confusing, but they were fooled into thinking that voting "No" would bring Armageddon soon thereafter. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that thought is simply nonsense.

One year prior, Virginia’s General Assembly passed a measure banning same-sex marriage through a constitutional pursuit.

Delegate Kathy J. Byron (R-Campbell), who co-sponsored the bill, said, “[Traditional marriage] is the fundamental building block of our society. Now that definition, that tradition, that foundation is threatened. If we do not act, marriage as we have come to know it will be redefined through the judicial process.”

However, I assert gays marrying gays will not destroy marriage. The organization, Americans for Divorce Reform, estimates that about 40 percent of marriages end in divorce (I think the statistic is greater than 40). Still, heterosexuals have destroyed marriage, not lesbians and gay men.

A marriage amendment was and is not necessary. In Virginia’s 2006 proceedings, this was a ploy to bring out unlikely voters by the busloads to the curtain to check "Yes." One highlight in this foolish procedure, the marriage ban passed with 57 percent supporting, leaving 43 percent voting "No," CNN reported. It's great to see that not all of Virginia supported this discrimination.

The worst part of all of this is hearing how some African-Americans can't stand the idea that gay marriage could be legal. Unfortunately, those blacks do not see how they are being played as fools - once (and still) the oppressed is now oppressing others. Homosexuality is a big taboo in the black community, and certain politicians were definitely aware of this. So they reached out to pastors to encourage church-going blacks to vote with “family values” in mind. Funny, those values differ from family to family, but to some, those values include intolerance, racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, bigotry, and homophobia.

The same-sex marriage ban is a distraction. Sadly, citizens fail to grasp that idea. Remember that there are Americans in Iraq – some are gay too – fighting a war based on undiscovered weapons of mass destruction. Where is the amendment ensuring that Americans have an effective living wage? Where is all the effort in making sure American students leave high school with more than a piece of paper and with a substantiative chance to succeed? Instead, we spend our precious time debating if an adult can love another adult.

A marriage amendment is a waste of time, especially when this country is faced with more prudent issues. America is at war to bring democracy and freedom abroad, and America is pushing amendments/ laws/ policies/ junk at home to limit freedoms and discriminate against Americans based on their sexual preferences.

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