God bless Shulamith Lasri

A supermodel in a mental institution with amnesia? Not an original storyline nor is it fiction. If you were to throw a stack of Vogue magazines on the floor, close your eyes, and point to a random cover girl this may be her true Hollywood story (surely, I jest). It was difficult to find a scene where actors were clothed but I'm certain this film for the voracious eye will be chock full of the most delicious exploitation this side of rated R "skinema". Enjoy Shulamith Lasri AKA Sharon Lesley portraying Emanuelle Nera. Her looks and body is nothing short of "voluptulicious" (that's right! She gets a special adjective!). I did some resarch on Miss Lasri (Lesley) and she is nowhere in the digital realm so far. Anyone who would like to join the hunt to see what happened to her feel welcome as I'm anxious to hear. Black Emanuelle was Shulamith's only credit as far as IMDB is concerned.

This is the only credit she needs in my righteous opinion. I've watched this film time and time again and STILL don't know what it's about because once you see Shulamith, all plot and character development is thrown out the window!! To our male audience at BP, thank me later!

Shulamith, wherever you are, may the force be with you (Bootsy "Jedi Funk Tricked" me into saying that).


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