be a man

© Mama Hicks Fellas, here we stand at the cusp of the future -- now. We come from various places and, most certainly, have different destinations. But what we share is an equal stake in this thing called Manhood. Our respective paths are paved by our individual expressions of manhood.

Manhood’s definition has been twisted and perverted to an alarming point. And to exacerbate matters, young cats push these false definitions of manhood each day. I could say nothing, but I’m reminded of what James Baldwin warned, "We will profit or pay for what our children become."

A man is not measured in the vast pool of vagina that he pounds. Neither is he measured in material possessions. Dollars, euros, yen, nor cowry shells validate him.

Manhood is rooted in courage. It's sown in by sacrifice. A man beholds dignity and integrity. Respect is his currency in his dealings with family, friends and the world. He holds onto his principles, his values. He knows himself and realizes he may not always be in the world’s good graces but he’s true to his convictions nonetheless. He is responsible and accountable. He is his own man. Yes, he is proud.

He is an imperfect vessel that shares himself with the world and allows the world to share with him.

Each man should write his own definition – no doubt. And, I recognize this very note is meaningless if I don’t exemplify what a man is in my actions.

I thank the men who’ve come before me and served as inspiration. Salute.

© MGNTK 2019