magic box #6 (Election Day Special)

Right now the time is approx 530am and I'm standing in line gettin ready to enter the polls. I'm prolly around 15th in line due and now my feet are givin out on me.

A nigga hasn't slept "fully" since around noon Sunday.

Its Tuesday.

Yeahhh man no bullshit. Its that serious.

Sunday I had to pull a 12hr shift at my job then soon as I get comfortable at the crib at 8am

Who calls? Stephen goes something like...

*phone rings*

Me: yoooo


Me: yoooo

S: ARE YOU READY TO BE A P.A.!!!!!! ???

*brief convo about morning joe and crazy ish*

S: but yo I'm bout to head to the Obama office so ill be through there in a min

*hangs up*

Right then I could feel history in the making.

We head over (pause) to the Obama Office to do canvasing and other micellaneous work until midnight

Then I go home and if ur a true producer/beatmaker the best time to make music is in the wee hours of the morning. So I work on ish til about 3 something and then the Berry goes crazy.

400am - time to go the polls.

So now I'm out here and its not even 600am and the line is already wrapped around the building.

So if u reading this and haven't voted yet. Stop bullshittin, get out there, grab a chair cause its serious.

Voting is a right that should be exercised as often as the polls are open. Don't limit it to just the national ur mayor, judges, sheriffs - yess sherriffs even though I hate the police

Especially last night man as stephen and I were leaving the Obama office. This bama ass cop shines the light on us as we leave the parking lot bc we jogged across the street. Said he thought we were being chased and "what house were we coming from?"

Muthafucka there's nothing but a office with a big ass OBAMA 08 sign on it across the street!

I'm out on that note. Doors just opened.

Let's make history!

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