magic bus #5 (Outside Looking In)

I haven't blogged in a while. Life is gettin hectic (sort of). Been workin, volunteering, and studying...pretty much.

I know some who follow this blog are wondering when the music is coming. Its coming. Timing is everything, and they say life is like a game of chess.

There's a lot of things to talk about as far as the Election and Wall Street but I don't want to elaborate on that too much right now.

I will just say as far as Wall Street goes...if you are smart, you are enjoying all the headlines across America.

Oh!...Kanye...Madlib...the only two notable artist worth talkin about right now in my opinion. The game has been BORING for months. There's been some singles here and there but nothing groundbreaking.

I admit I was skeptical about Kanye using the auto-tune throughout this next album but after hearing his latest singles, especially "Heartless". I've become a believer.

This album has the potential to spark something in me creatively because to be honest I've been BORED. I haven't been this bored since 06.

Madlib's new material??? CRAZY. STOOPID. INSANE. Those new Beat Konductas are incredible. (Peace to Dill Withers)

Definitely has me hearing music in a whole different way once again.

Uhhhh (c) Obama

I'm running out of words to type.

Holla at u after the jump...peace

P.s. I'm mobile so its hard to edit and I don't feel like it cause I'm hungry lol

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