magic bus #4

Back again. Sittin at Choir practice (yeah I go to church when I can) I was suppose to play tonite but the original drummer is here. He's young and still learning so I'm lettin him get it in.

Anyway...Let me see..since I have some free time finally ima scrimmage with yall.

Just got out the studio from makin another heater. I know a lot ppl aren't paying attention right now but we got a lot to offer out here in the V.

Va Beach/Norfolk been gettin it in ever since Pharrell and Timbaland hit the scene but we got stuff brewin out here in the Fredericksburg/Richmond area.

Not gonna speak on it too much because its way too early but I just wanna let u know that u should pay attention.

We hustlers and very smart dudes out here. You heard Skillz new joint? that's just the beginning its A LOT more heat out here.

Stay tuned to this blog and ima bring it to you as I get it and create it.


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