magic bus #3

What up world? Or should I say what's not going on?

This past week has been very tense for America. The economy is lookin terrible. You see the headlines that Wall Street rallied Friday morning but that was with a government bail out of possibly 700 billon. The national debt is estimated at around 9 trillion which is crazy.

We can blame Bush for having us in debt for being involved in a war we shouldn't be in but we also gotta blame the banks and ourselves a little.

The banks are giving out loans like it aint shit to ppl with credit that will barely make payments a month which in turn causes homes to foreclose leaving the bank with debt.

We as people lookin for homes and loans know we can't pay the high ass payment so we gotta be a lot more wiser in our decision making so we don't have to end up paying insane taxes to fix this national debt.

I'm not an economist but all that seems like common sense to me. Its nothing to fear but if u think about if shit don't get straight its gonna look like 1930.

Let's just all get money, be wise, elect the right president, and watch America flourish.

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