magic bus #2

Right now I am sittin at work bloggin for the first time from my blackberry. I should have been doing this but I've never taken the time to go through the motions. (You'll be hearing a lot more from me.)

I wish blackberry will come out with a wordpress app so that u don't have to use the web browser which drains your battery.

I dunno know what do right now. I work this boring job but it pays well and I just read 5 straight chapters of Race Matters. I may get some Popeyes soon...yeah...2 piece meal spicy sounds good.

Popeyes is arguably the best fast food chicken restaraunt in the world. Bojangles is up there but the don't even have spicy chicken besides on a sandwich and KFC fell off back in the 99.

I'm outta here I need a biscuit! Lol

oh yeah shout out to Paul Mooney on Dr. Phil yesterday afternoon.

*leaves post playing Fried Chicken by Nas*

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