The Pineapple Express

so stephen and I went to go see Pineapple Express earlier today...met up with Joe and his boy unexpectedly who you will learn about later. (according to Stephen, Joe is ill on the guitar)

I gotta say that the movie is f*ckin funny man. If you've seen Harold and Kumar Goes To White Castle then youwill absolutely love this joint. Its like that movie, not as random but 7 times as better. The dude Seth Rogen is genius in the movie....this might be the comedy movie of the year. I stress the might because i hear he has another movie that barely passed the NC-17 rating and is suppose to be even more hilarious.

right now im watchin Run's House and the lil homey Diggy is really focused. He's always been focused. The man just possibly sealed the deal on his own clothing line called "SPACE AGE"....well he just sealed the deal according to Run...the dude is 13 and his gear is always fresh rockin the Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream. I'm eager to see what type of designs he comes up with because the Pastry line by his sisters isn't all that great....not hating just being honest.

When i get into the industry...Vanessa...holla at me....even Angela your personality is crazy...

im rambling too much ...gotta get back to chasing this dream

Music in Color ...yessir!

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