Mobile Gas Units

Mobile Gas Unit

MicroFueler weighs about 200 pounds and hooks up to a water and 110 or 220 volt power supply and wastewater drain just like a washing machine. It uses raw sugar (not the refined white stuff) and a proprietary time-release yeast mixture as feedstock. You can also use left-over booze if you've got any lying around. Toss it all into the fermenting tank, turn on the machine and in seven days you've got 35 gallons of ethanol. The MicroFueler has its own pump and hose - just like the pump at your corner gas station - so you can easily fill up your car.

For a about 10Gs you can get one of these machines. They will give you up to 560 gallons of gas but once you pay for the price of water and electricity do you really think youll save?

Id get one and start my own gas station...2.60 a gallon.

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