Blackberry Bold (9000 series)

Blackberry 9000

The BlackBerry Bold is indeed the official name for the BlackBerry 9000 device and it should be available starting "this summer." AT&T is the first carrier to launch, but there is also a 1700MHz model coming which will support T-Mobile’s 3G data network. Here are a couple highlights:

  • 1GB on-board memory with encryption.
  • Tri-band HSDPA.
  • Pricing in the $300-$500 range with a carrier.
  • Launching on AT&T "this summer."
  • Interchangable color back plates.
  • 5 hours of talk time, 13 days of standby time.
  • 624-MHz Marvell Tavor PXA930 processor.
  • Taller and wider than the Curve.
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