over 32oz of vault = redbull x 5

its 3:15 in the morning right now and i am ready to do everything like its noon.
why's that?
well, i drank a bottle of vault before i went to work today at 3pm.
got to work, and drank another cup before i clocked in at 6pm.
During my shift, i also drank numerous water cups of vault just so that i could stay productive.
the reason i did that was because i thought that i was going to be working til 4am closing the store.
now, if you have worked in the food/restaurant business you know that if the store gets slow...
...then first person that came on that shift goes home early.
 well, tonight that person was me.
i went home at 12:15am..and now i am ready to do everything.
of course i am going to work more on the album, but i gotta be up @ 8:30 to be somewhere.
after i crash tonight i know i am gonna be hurtin in the morning...
oh well...gotta roll with the punches.

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