it was all good just a week ago...

i haven't blogged in a minute due to the fact i simply haven't been inspired to blog...
im back at it now.
 last week around this time i got in a lil car accident so now i'm pushing nikes. 
i can't fade gettin the ice creams dirty...i had to box them up for a lil minute.
 im glad im still alive and breathing to be able to politik with my niggaz about what we have in store for the world....
Peoples Logic presents Skull Session.
 its lookin real fresh ... its in the mix down stage and slated to be released in April.
 right now we have about 12 tracks slated to be on the joint 
but you never know what can go down in the 9th inning. 
when its crunch time...thats when a lot of inspiration comes 
(atleast thats what i think) running out of words....ill be back later.

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