j. dilla changed my life

R.I.P. J. Dilla
Today is the day that the late great James Yancy aka Jay Dee, better known as J. Dilla was born. He passed away Feburary 10, 2006 and left us with a beautiful beattape, released on his birthday, titled "Donuts". The album title couldn't have been better because he sampled every track from a 45. If you go diggin or know about records you know that a 45 looks exactly like a Donut....genius.
I really didn't plan on doing a tribute song for Dilla until just the other day I was listening to one of his "secret" beat cds that was passed off to me from a friend. I was so inspired I just started thinking rhymes which I rarely do now-a-days...but this verse just came so fast it was like I could feel the presence of Dilla in a way. He is forever going to live through the music and also through the people who love and appreciate what he brought into Hip-Hop. Check out this joint I did called "A Donut 4 Dilla (Tribute). pz.

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