The Beginning

This is a CD from the group Peoples I have been working with. I figured with all the talk about them in my previous blogs I should introduce them the best way possible. So check this joint out and leave some feedback on their myspace page. You can find a quick link located in my blogroll. pz..enjoy the music!
Peoples The Beginning

1. "Where The Hip-Hop At?"

2. "One Beer (Remix)"

3. "Respect" †€

4. "The Setup" †€

5. "'05 Round The Way Girl"

6. "Just Because"

7. "Run It Back" §€

8. "Set It Off" †€

9. "Hip-Hop Thang" ‡€

10. "They Don't Love Me" †€



recorded at Head Banga Studios (by Shorttay)

recorded at Hard Drive Studios (by Coincide)

§ recorded at Corperate Jungle Headquaters (by Black History)

produced by Lexxx Luthor


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