Peoples Logic is looking good...

the lab is pretty much where i'm going to be at for the next 8 months.the life of a musician is gonna be a long road of hardwork but i feel 100% ready.
its about 4:30 in the morning and King James and Lexxx just left the spot.
they have been here since about 10pm along with Tay Black and this new slick spittA named NOVA
(dude is nice with
We laid down a couple of joints tonight and went thru about 20 beats.
it is looking lovely because I feel that everybody is beginning to get on the same page.
I would post up some of the music we did tonight but they are all still very raw with no mix.
As soon as I get some of this mixing done 
(maybe tonight, but i know my girl is prolly heated at me bc shes on the couch sleep)
i'll post up one or two songs of what we have.
**turns on Pete Rock ft. Jim Jones and Max B - We Roll**

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